Displays for Bulk Herbs and Spices

Displays with Adjustable Shelves

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Item #: D001253

Features Included

  • NEW Stainless Steel Countertop
  • NEW "Go Green, Buy Bulk" header
  • Sidewalls of display have new curved, trendy look
  • 2 literature holders for Spice and Herb Savvys
  • Each row/shelf contains 3 unique stopping points allowing for differently sized containers to be featured prominantly for customers

Adjustable Shelving allows for freedom to create the bulk display/planogram perfect for your store!

  • Mix and match containers between different size glass and/or plastic containers
  • Place top sellers in large containers and other products in smaller containers
  • Extra shelf available to hold gravity bins
  • Stock small empty spice bottles on top row for shopper convenience

Price: $1600 Price includes containers and labels (Gravity tea bins extra.)